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Nunca hay tiempo suficiente
August 30, 2009, 7:43 am
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Lo siento, lectores fieles — I’ve still been traveling a lot, so not as much internet, but I have been filling my moleskins with notes, observations, and poems. I think, once I am settled, or maybe when I return to los Estados Unidos, I will retroactively update with the posts I’ve been writing in my head and notebook.

I just got back from Girona, Catalonia’s second or third largest city, though it feels infinitely smaller than Barcelona. It’s an ancient Roman/medieval town, and as soon as you enter the old city, it feels like you’ve been taken back in time. My new friend Anna (who is originally from Figueres, which is famous as Salvador Dali’s hometown) invited me to visit for a day, since she normally lives/works there. She showed me the city, and took me to see a comedic reinterpretation of Hamlet at Girona’s free summer theater festival…. and it was entirely in Catalan. If it sounds strange… well, let’s just say, it was interesting, but a delight to experience. The performance was very modern, and open-air, set against the backdrop of this beautiful, historic courtyard in Girona’s Culture Center.

I haven’t had time to upload my own Girona photos yet, but in the meantime, here’s a representative photo I borrowed online of Girona’s main waterway:


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