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“Es poeta.”
July 7, 2009, 10:01 am
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I have to admit, the lack of internet isn’t such a bad thing. Since I’m an internet and e-mail junkie, it’s nice being forcefully cut-off for once.

I’m all settled in my flat, which is in a lovely northern barrio of Barcelona, called Gracía. My neighborhood has many of the same architectural charms of Old Town without the constant flow of tourists. Many of Gracía’s streets, as in Barrio Gotico, are small and winding — but it’s less crowded, and a stroll in any direction turns up beautiful plazas with fountains, statues, and orange trees; no matter the time of day, local residents are socializing over cañas and vino at an endless number of cafés.

My flat is on the fourth floor, and big windows open onto a tiny backstreet, where faint chatter from a popular Catalan restaurant drifts up from three floors below.

My Spanish is certainly rusty, but it’s apparently been enough to occasionally trick people into thinking I’m not a foreigner. At a dinner party this weekend—where conversation was about half in Spanish, half in English—one person said my “American accent’ sounded really authentic… before she realized I was American.

People here ask what I’m doing in Barcelona, and I usually launch into a long-winded explanation of the Pinsky fellowship, about my interest in Spanish poetry and art; but the other day, one of my friends answered for me: “Él es poeta” (he’s a poet). Her succinct answer seemed to work better than mine, so I might stick to that from now on.

Besides unpacking and getting settled, I’ve read a bit of Spanish and English books and practiced the language when I can. In the next few days I’m going to start visiting museums. I was introduced to a Barcelona art promoter, who owns a gallery and promotes local artists; he invited us to some upcoming events, so I’m hoping I’ll get to see the work of younger Spanish artists while also doing the traditional, museum-oriented study of visual art.

When technology allows, I’ll start posting pictures too.


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Lovely post, poeta. Gracias.

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